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Live With Joy, Not With Worries

Our Humble Beginnings

Dr. Timothy Rainey, our owner, created Behavioral Intervention Services LLC in 2009. He wanted to provide counseling services to the people in his church and church organization. Upon realizing his gift for serving people, a vision was given to him so that he can extend his genuineness, authenticity, and compassion outside of the church walls. His calling is to help all people live a meaningful life.

In 2012, Timothy attended Post University to further his knowledge of the mental

health and substance-abuse professions. He pursued his masters in human services with specializations in professional counseling, clinical counseling, and alcohol and drug counseling.

While in graduate school, he worked for Behavioral Intervention Consultants in Louisburg, North Carolina. There, Timothy provided services to children and adolescents who had various behavioral issues, ranging from disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He also aided adults with marital and relationship problems.

Upon his graduation in 2015, Timothy worked part-time at Strategic Behavioral Services, a residential psychiatric treatment facility, as a mental health technician, call center clinician, and on-call assessor for acute patients, from children to geriatrics patients.

He also worked at True Outreach Services, providing substance-abuse services to adolescents and adults. Timothy held driving while intoxicated (DWI) classes under the supervision of a certified clinical supervisor.

In 2019, he established Life Restoration Counseling Services LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina with a vision to restore all people's lives to good health so that they can live an enjoyable, meaningful life. Timothy wants to help individuals become productive members of society.

At Life Restoration Counseling Services LLC, we look forward to serving the surrounding community as we grow separately as individuals and together as a community.

Fulfilling Our Purpose in People’s Lives

We aspire to help individuals bring back their good life and good health. Life Restoration Counseling Services LLC is dedicated to serving all people, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, and national origin. We aim to provide services involving clinical counseling principals, methods, and procedures to help them achieve social, personal, career, and emotional development.

Life restoration and counseling is our ultimate goal. We want to help each person earn the knowledge of self-awareness in becoming a whole. This is our way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. We will respect the rights of those people seeking our assistance, and we will make reasonable efforts to make sure that our services are used properly.

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