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The turning point

of lives

With sincere gratitude Life Restoration Counseling Services would not exist without you!

A. Profitt

Mr. Rainey has helped me achieve a better me. I struggled with self-esteem and depression. I wouldn’t have been able to overcome this without his help. I had been to 3 other therapists prior to him and they weren’t offering any help. Mr. Rainey cares, he is compassionate, personable, and helped to pull me out of this dark hole I was in. Thank you so much!

November 17, 2019

G. Solis

To say that Mr. Rainey is a great therapist would be an understatement, In the time I have been seeing him. He has helped me with my anxiety and grief. He is by far one of the best and I am blessed that people such as Mr. Rainey is here to help us in our time of need, even if it's just lending an ear. I cannot thank him enough.

November 7,  2019

A. Thompson

I am more than grateful to have found Tim. I was in a horrible rut for way too long and just couldn't find a way out, that's when I searched for a therapist. He really makes you think of things you wouldn't normally think about and puts it in perspective. As soon as I started thinking differently, it all went uphill from there! I would recommend him to anyone!

June 1, 2019

T. Parker

I love how I and my husband were treated with kindness and respect. He did not judge or belittle us and we felt like we could really talk to him. I am very happy with my service and will be going again.

May  20, 2019


I feel so fortunate to have been referred to as Mr. Rainey. He is an excellent counselor, listens attentively, offers great advice, responds to messages in a timely manner, and is always available when ​needed. I feel truly blessed and grateful to have his expertise and care.​

February 2019

Kristen D.

Dr. Rainey has been such a compassionate and inspiring counselor to me since 2018. He has helped me through some trying family difficulties and a troubled period of grief. Dr. Rainey is a thoughtful, caring listener and is excellent at offering new ways for pondering and resolving issues. He is open-minded and instructive. I especially admire how he mixes intellect with the heart; one moment we might be discussing things from a scientific viewpoint, the next moment he is entirely receptive to Christian, even Buddhist, spiritual insights. He brings such respect and a personal touch to his clients. His calm, reassuring manner and wonderful sense of humor are truly healing. I highly recommend his services and am honored to have had him as a counselor.

March 2019

Della G.

Felt very relaxed in their environment. Professional staff made me feel extremely comfortable.

Dee D.

With each interaction, I felt a genuine concern for my well being. The professionalism made it easier to deal with some anxiety/reservations I had about coming in, but the wisdom and guidance I received were exceptional. I felt like I had a safe space to express myself freely and was rewarded with solid feedback. I highly recommend Life Restoration Counseling Services to anyone going through any type of struggle! It’ll be one of the best decisions you make and you won’t regret talking to Tim!

Denee R.

In January of 2015 the time of the loss of my loved one. I was seeking someone to help me with my depression and anxiety and the possibility of living alone. This counselor took the time to listen with a compassionate ear and a caring heart. He never told me that it was time to move on but always guided me towards memories that unlocked my strength so that I could continue to live a meaningful life. Through his compassionate and genuine care, I was no longer isolating myself from socializing or pretending to feel ok when I was around family and friends. But over time and consecutive sessions I was able to pick up the pieces of my life and move forward with loving life again.

Scarlet S.

For many years of my life, therapy has always been painful. I’ve always had difficulty in expressing my inner thoughts After our session, I felt encouraged and somewhat relieved. I now feel I can begin to address some of the daily issues that I face. I am looking forward to our future sessions.

Dana J.

I had a good experience with Mr. Tim; he helped me with my depression and years of pain.

Dewayne B.

My experience with LRCS was great! I felt comfortable with the services they provided and was amazed at how quickly they assisted with my needs. I would recommend LRCS to anyone who is looking for real answers.

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