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Therapy Sessions

Sessions last for 50 minutes

Individual Therapy

$160 Per Session

Couples Therapy

$180 Per Session

Family Therapy

$35 Per Family Member

Clinical Assessment

$145 Per Assessment

Offering Therapy Services Tailored to

Your Individual Needs 

Life Restoration Counseling Services, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina is dedicated to helping people with mental health conditions by providing individual therapy services.

Individual therapy is a collaboration between the therapist and the client. I will work with you the client in developing a personalized treatment plan that will aid you in resolving your concerns and moving in the direction of well-being. Individual therapy will allow you to discuss your deepest concerns in a place that is safe and nonjudgmental but compassionate and caring. I will treat you the client and not your symptoms to help resolve your concerns promptly so that you can get back to living a productive life.

Develop a Healthy and Happy Relationship 

Life Restoration Counseling Services, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina offers couples therapy services to help you strengthen your relationship..

Couples therapy is often used interchangeably with relationship counseling, and marriage counseling is geared to focus directly on the individual’s relationship and how they interact with each other. Couples therapy deals with couples and marriages that are on the verge of separating and a lack of communication between both parties. However, both parties are held accountable for their actions and participation in therapy.

Build Better Connections With Your Family

Life Restoration Counseling Services, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina provides family therapy services.

Family therapy is a conjoint effort between the therapist and the family. Family therapy focuses on the stressful or negative areas in a family that have caused discourse between the family members. Such problems can consist of depression, anxiety, communication problems, trust concerns, behavioral problems, or substance abuse. The goal of family counseling is to reinforce an understanding and collaboration between family members.

Using Proper Assessment Tools to Diagnose

Your Condition

Life Restoration Counseling Services, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina provides clinical assessment services to ensure that you get properly diagnosed.

The clinical assessment is when the therapist will use an assessment tool to aid in formulating a clinical diagnosis for you. For instance, if you are suffering from depression, the therapist may provide you with the Becks depression assessment to determine your depression as well as the severity of the depression. The information is gathered and used by the therapist to make sure you meet clinical criteria for a specific diagnosis.

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